In 2000 Dermot McIlroy started his own workshop having worked as a luthier for the Lowden guitar company for many years.  Since then McIlroy guitars have become much sought after for their unique warm and airy sound. They are played and loved by musicians all over the world.


We at Celtic Sounds distribute McIlroy guitars to many countries in Europe.


Any advice about the McIlroy guitars is given gladly; our customers are very important to us.


  • All McIlroy Guitars are made of solid timbers of the highest quality.
  • All soundboards and soundboard bracings come from split logs (not sawn), this gives them extra strength and tone.
  • Every soundboard bracing is individually scalloped to develop the full sound potential.
  • The unique McIlroy bracing pattern gives a vibrant top without loss of stability.

Please check out Dermot McIlroy`s website for more details about these handmade guitars


Here is also an exclusive interview with Dermot on Youtube.